Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Welcome to The Bell Agency. This site has been created to assist and educate you
in financial matters.
Although many people find insurance, retirement programs and
financial  “stuff” confusing, there is nothing mysterious or difficult to understand.
An insurance policy simply protects you or your business from financial disaster. A
strong retirement plan allows an individual to “put up” their feet and do what they
want to do at the time they choose.

The navigation bar will help you find the type of coverage you are needing. Each
page will give you the basics of that specific policy or retirement program. After
you read the information, please contact The Bell Agency. We ask you to do this
for several reasons. The first being your financial protection and retirement
program are extremely important. We need to develop a specific plan for YOU.
Remember “one size does NOT fit all”. The second reason is, we hope you
discover,” TBA is here for YOU”. Presently TBA has access to over five hundred
companies. TBA maintains these contacts so TBA can find you the correct “fit”.
Remember what my grandfather taught me:

”Measure Twice - Cut Once”.

The President of The Bell Agency, Bob Bell, understands every client has specific
“wants and needs”. That is why he asks you to discuss your situation. Let’s not
forget that Bob has over forty years experience in the business world. A number of
those years he spent in management positions for large insurance companies. You
can say, “He knows both sides of the street”.

You will find a page for your specific questions concerning the coverage or
program desired. Please complete the information section. This will allow TBA to
begin the process of finding you what YOU want. Also, there are several links if
you just want a quote.

The Bell Agency is located in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. This area is part of the
Kansas City Metro. The Bell Agency is licensed in Kansas, Missouri, Michigan and
Pennsylvania. Other States can be added if needed.