In the realm of Employee Benefits, Robert is one of the few people in the Country that has expertise in the various types of insurance coverage and financial programs that comprise Employee Benefits.

When requesting information about health coverage or pricing, you will receive quotes from all available carriers. You will NOT be limited to one or two companies. Reviewing all carriers allows you to reduce or maintain costs. Also, a full array of voluntary benefits are available.

If you are needing assistance with additional benefits for “highly” compensated employees or “key persons”, Robert has expertise in this arena.
Those earning more than $120,000 a year can have additional benefits (per IRS).

In regards to retirement programs Robert in a recognized expert. These programs are 401k, 403b, 457b, 412e, S.E.P., Simple IRA, IRA's. When working with these programs, especially 401k's the number of employees is the controlling factor for cost. You must understand insurance companies have preferences as to the number of employees. Their fees reflect the employee group size preferred. Again,”One size does NOT fit all” !

It should be noted by all employers that the Fiduciary regulations (June 2017)
states, “ any individual giving advice for the placement of “Qualified” funds
in a retirement program must be a licensed Registered Investment Adviser or hold a Series 7 license (stock broker). Those that are Registered Investment Advisers usually have earned the Ch.F.C. or C.F.P. designation.

If a person does give advice without the above mentioned licenses , that individual and the “employer” could face monetary fines and incarceration.