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Life Insurance

Although most people cringe when they hear the words life insurance, it is 
the foundation of a financial castle.

A life policy protects your family from financial ruin. Also, in today’s world of 
financial needs both a husband and wife are wage earners and must be covered. 
Of course the next step is to analyze your lifestyle and financial musts, wants
and desires. Then we can examine the types of policies.

After completing our research we can determine what type of policy and coverage is
best for you. Most people are shocked when they see the results of our research.

Life insurance can be used in several areas. A few of them include: Buy - Sell 
Agreements, Estate Protection, Key Man for companies and corporations, 
Individual Financial Protection.

INDIVIDUALS usually have specific financial needs during two stages of life. The 
first stage is from ages 21 to 50. This is when the family must be protected. 
The second stage begins when your children out of the house and you are 
about age 50. We now must think about retirement. We are then working with 
a different set of desires and “financial musts." 

Stage One - Between the ages of 21 and 50 our main concern is the family.

We need to simply look at what your family would lose if you were not above 
ground (an extremely “cold” scenario but a financial reality). We need to provide

dollars for the mortgage, living expenses, education, etc.

Stage Two - You have made a half-century and the house just has you and 
your better half. Hopefully the kids have started their own lives so our financial
“musts” have changed. You have climbed back to the top of the list. We still have the 
mortgage and a few monthly expenses but we now MUST plan for retirement.

Your plan should still have financial protection but it should be expanded.

The term policy is about to expire. The new policy needs to earn retirement dollars.

Investment money should be placed in less risky venues. Long-term care

should be addressed. 

The following is a description of life insurance policies:

Whole Life - This policy, also known as Ordinary Life, affords financial 
protection plus builds a “cash value."

Term Life - This policy provides protection only. It is less expensive, but do 
not let that be the only reason you purchase a term policy. Also, a number of 
“riders” may be added to apply to a specific need: mortgages, disability, etc.

Universal Life - This type of policy has two parts. The first part is similar to 
a term life policy and the second part is investments. The premiums are
conservative investments. Many people use universal life to protect estates,
businesses, or “take out” a loan. Index Universal Life is an excellent policy to

build a retirement fund.   

We hope this helps you understand life insurance. Again, there is no mystery. 
We just need to talk and examine your financial position. We will then know 
what is best for you and your family. Contact Robert at or
call 913-962-4392

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