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At age 65 all U.S. citizens receive medical insurance from the federal government. This 
coverage is called Medicare.

Medicare covers a majority of medical expenses but does have deductibles and 
exclusions. These deductibles and other costs can be covered by a Medicare supplement 
policy or a Medicare Advantage policy.

These two types of policies vary greatly in costs and coverage. A Medicare Supplement 
policy covers Part A and B deductibles, plus other costs. A Medicare Advantage policy 
has a deductible but includes drug coverage and some extra services. In addition, Medicare 
Advantage usually has a low monthly premium.

Your Medicare Supplement plan should reflect your lifestyle and financial situation. A few 
questions you should ask your agent are listed below. If your agent asks - "Why the 
questions?" find another agent.

1) Do you travel?

2) Do you travel outside of the U.S.?

3) Can you afford the deductibles?

There are a number of  traditional Medicare Supplement policies. These policies have a 
“letter” designation. The designations are A through N. Robert generally recommends D or 
F. Of course as usual, "we have to talk."

You have three months before or after your 65th birthday to enroll in Medicare.

If you want to change your policy, it must be done during Open Enrollment. If you have questions, or would like to discuss this further, please contact Robert at 913-962-4392 or at 

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